About us

West Coast Facility Maintenance will provide you with a customised solution for your maintenance needs. Whether your maintenance needs are simple or complex, short term or long term, we partner with you to develop maintenance options that are as unique as your business. We have set ourselves the mission to create and sustain the spaces and places of tomorrow by

Maximising the value we add to our customers through transparency, insight, innovation and commitment.

Our team of skilled and professional tradespeople are committed to working safely and efficiently to ensure your maintenance works are completed in a timely manner, using best practice and innovative solutions. We’re dedicated to providing you with a full range of services, including one-off projects, maintenance plans and even emergency or temporary repairs so that your business can get back to normal, fast. Get in touch with Jared and the team today, here.


Securing lifelong partnerships with our customers using industry leading insights & solutions to become the most recommended construction partner across all sectors.

Our Values


Promote the health and safety of all our people; Care about people, safety and the environment.


Drive change actively; Be ready to adapt to future trends and needs; Challenge the status quo; Think and act with customers in mind; Be open-minded.


Trust others and build trustful relationships; Be honest and reliable; Listen attentively and communicate appropriately.


Manage resources smartly; Do things simply and effectively; Deliver with appropriate costs, speed and quality; Be accountable for consistent execution

Client Centric

Non-competitive partners; Care about our customers success and growth; Prioritise customers needs & constraints.

Our Experience

Our People


Our People are our business and fundamental to our success. WCFM take a proactive interest in our staff’s physical and mental well being. This is a standing agenda item for discussion during toolbox talks. Care for their health and well being and provide a safe, enjoyable and environmentally friendly work environment, and invest in their growth and development through training and coaching.

Our Customers


Our Customers help make our business viable. Innovations are key to adding value to our own and our customers business. We constantly strive to in innovative solutions. WCFM encourages our customers and sub-contractors to join our team when celebrating our successes, where we undertake family-oriented activities.
We deliver strategic and tactical value and work collaboratively with them to improve their business. We care for their health and well being of their people by providing a safe, healthy work environment. We work with our sub-contractors to ensure safe work practices.



During any landscape construction projects, WCFM will always order additional native plants with the view to replace any that do not survive. Any excess not required to be replanted are donated to various re-vegetation organisations such as Conservation Volunteers Australia.
We work in partnership with the communities we operate in by supporting youth at risk to help them succeed in life, and by becoming involved with local re-vegetation activities to improve our physical environment.



WCFM are fortunate to be located next door to a recycling facility, whom we have a positive relationship. Through this relationship we are able to recycle a bulk of our waste materials with ease. Energy & water consumption are reduced within our location with the installation of LED lighting, insulated offices, low power use settings on IT equipment and water efficient facilities. Onsite we encourage water wise native plants and follow the Water Corporations Water Wise Program for landscaping. We have implemented energy & water efficient initiatives to reduce energy consumption, and acknowledge climate change and do our part to stop the affects.



WCFM maintain governance and business ethics as one of the core fundamentals of the company and are proud of our reputation upholding our values. Several steps have been implemented to ensure this philosophy: Paying contractors on time; Not offering or accepting gifts for award works; No preferential or reduced costs to competing customers. Paying our sub-contractors is something that we take great pride in and in return we receive excellent service and fast response times.



WCFM has a strong commitment to diversity and recognises the value of attracting, engaging and retaining employees with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives. The diversity of our people is one of our great strengths. Having a diverse and inclusive workplace enables WCFM to attract and retain high quality staff, more innovative solutions, stronger problem solving capability and be flexible to our customers requirements. WCFM have identified that to obtain a more diverse workforce, acknowledging, demonstrating our cultural respect and valuing staff, we identify and encourage people within our team.

Our Experience

Our Responsibilities

All employees of WCFM are responsible for:

  • Actively supporting diversity initiatives.

  • Respecting differences and contributing to a workplace that is fair and equitable.

  • At all times behaving in a manner which is consistent with the values and spirit of this philosophy.


We get the job done safely and to the highest standard, every time.