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Your partner for surface’s decorating and coating solutions

Are you responsible for providing a durable, safe, colourful asphalt or concrete pavement solution for your business or a particular location?
There is a solution designed specifically for application on asphalt or concrete pavements that is safe, durable and environmentally friendly, and there are only 5 suppliers throughout Australia! Hint, hint… we’re one of them.


nature-based play space design


Nature-based play is fun and environmentally friendly – we design, supply and install a range or specially made pieces to liven up any play space and get kids out there having fun!


commercial facilities garden solution


Lanscaping and fencing repairs, small or large jobs. School, facility, development and residential works. RockPave is a family of landscaping solutions, crystals or stones mix with resin to create long lasting finishes that will have your outdoor projects looking a million dollars.


decorative asphalt, StreetPrint™ & StreetBond™

Street Surface

We are the sole distributor for StreetPrint™ and StreetBond™ products in WA – let’s make your bitumen projects standout for years to come. StreetBond™ asphalt and concrete coatings will bring your outdoor spaces to life; available in a huge range of colours, designs, applications.


building & maintenance


Our team of experts will help set up a regular maintenance program to make sure your new building is always in its best condition, install appliances, plumbing and electricity, come in for emergency repairs, landscape and pave your space, put in fences, steel railings, etc.


reduce risk of slips, trips, & falls

Insurance Work

Increase your surfaces’ safety, durability and sustainability with our colourful, environmentally friendly solution for your asphalt or concrete surfaces. As well as selecting the most appropriate flooring, having flooring solutions correctly installed or laid, ongoing maintenance is important, and this may include repairing or replacing the surface.


epoxy surface solutions


DuraTherm™  Thermoplastics make your asphalt and concrete coating application options endless! Inlaid into asphalt or applied on top, we have a solution for you!

Our Unique Capabilities

West Coast FM have various unique capabilities and relevant experience to assist our clients achieve additional improvements to their spaces and places. These capabilities can be cost effective and prolonging the life span of the facilities. Our unique value add capabilities are:

Surface Solutions Division

Surface Solutions Division

Our People are our business and fundamental to our success. WCFM take a proactive interest in our staff’s physical and metal well being. This is a standing agenda item for discussion during toolbox talks. Care for their health and well being and provide a safe, enjoyable and environmentally friendly work environment, and invest in their growth and development through training and coaching. We have also recently introduced an additional paid annual leave day for permanent employees on their birthday. Staff are rewarded and recognised for achievements by way of ‘healthy’ gifts such as vouchers for a massage clinic and alike.

Yard Blitz Innovation

Yard Blitz Innovation

Throughout our years operating, WCFM have utilised mechanical equipment to remove and replace playground sand pits, mulching, astroturf sweeping and clean gutters.
We understand that sandpit top ups, mulching and astroturf sweeps (Powercleans) is currently a costly exercise for Broadspectrum on the Goodstart Centres. We believe that if we adopt the same methodologies and combine into a ‘Yard Blitz’ it could reduce these costs and service a higher volume of centres in a shorted time frame. The method would be implemented operate in conjunction with each other.
WCFM would like the opportunity to explore and further discuss this method with you.

Self Delivered Services

Self delivered services

WCFM have built an extremely experienced and multi-trade workforce and as such we are proud to be able to provide additional inhouse self delivered services which includes:

  • Experienced fencing installers
  • Experienced synthetic turf installers
  • Rubber Softfall installations & repairs
  • Qualified brick pavers
  • Concreters
  • Block & Brickworks
  • High Pressure cleaning

We have an extensive range of quality, reliable sub-contractors available, who we have built up positive relationships based on respect and integrity.

Some of Our Work

In developing our overall service delivery strategy West Coast FM always take in consideration the following requirements:

  • Managing of a multisite contract

  • Collaborative relationships with stakeholders

  • Minimising impact on centre operations

  • Providing a clean, safe and health environment

  • Innovations & value add services


We get the job done safely and to the highest standard, every time.