StreetBond™ and StreetPrint™ Asphalt Stamping & Colouring

West Coast Facility Maintenance will provide you with a customised solution for your maintenance needs. Whether your maintenance needs are simple or complex, short term or long term, we partner with you to develop solutions that are as unique as your business. With our construction, maintenance & landscape solutions we are the most recommended partner for facilities and commercial projects.

We can provide you with dedicated maintenance programs, emergency repairs, one-off installations, project management and more. There is no job to small or large, and if we can’t provide the service, chances are we know someone who can. Our clients include schools, government buildings, local councils, small and large businesses, construction companies, large residential projects, landscape architects and engineering firms, just to name a few.

Our Services Includes

  • StreetPrint™

    StreetPrint™ is the most innovative decorative paving system developed in the last 30 years. This system produces realistic brick, slate, stone and other effects on an asphalt base. Combining the flexibility and strength of asphalt with leading edge surfacing technologies, StreetPrint is a cost effective, durable surface with low maintenance requirements. The long-lasting colour and chemical resistance along with unique heating equipment, StreetPrint™ provides a superior surfacing system on old or new asphalt.

    StreetPrint™ Key Benefits include:

    • Enhanced Appeal | With a wide range of standard and customisable patterns, it is easy to create an eye-catching design.
    • Lower Upfront Costs | StreetPrint™ is faster, easier and less laborious than other decorative paving systems. With the ability to rejuvenate and update existing asphalt, there is no need to remove and replace the current roadbase or other materials.
    • Longevity | StreetPrint™ creates a seamless, structurally sound asphalt base and accepts shifting due to weather and traffic. It also resists cracking and weed growth which are common with other paving options.
    • Low Ongoing Costs | There are very low maintenance requirements associated with the StreetPrint™ system, these costs are considerably lower and less time consuming than other traditional paving methods too.
    • Repairs are Easy | If repairs are required to asphalt that incorporates StreetPrint™, our infrared heating system allows repairs to take place quickly and effectively.
    • Extend Asphalt Life | Coated asphalt has a considerably longer life, due to the protective coatings used in StreetPrint™. They are not affected by chemicals and other engine fluids that may spill onto the road surface.

    StreetPrint™ Installation is Easy.

    StreetPrint™ is installed quickly and efficiently by gently heating the asphalt surface, imprinting patterns using flexible steel templates and then colouring the surface using our cement, polymer and epoxy surfacing system.

  • StreetBond™

    StreetBond™ coatings put the colour in StreetPrint™ projects, or can be used on its own to produce creative colourings on plain asphalt and concrete. StreetBond™ coatings are based on leading-edge polymer, cement and epoxy technologies designed to withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions.

    StreetBond™ produces a durable surface that retains its colour and vibrancy, it can be used on all kinds of hardscapes and traffic management applications. Bike lanes and bus lanes benefit from StreetBond™ due to its long-lasting properties and the ability to create highly visible sections of asphalt that can separate various road users and enhance safety.

    StreetBond™ Key Benefits include:

    • Durability & Flexibility | Unlike other water based asphalt and concrete coatings, StreetBond™ coatings contain cross linked epoxy modified acrylic polymers – this means they contain the perfect mix of hardness and flexibility even under wet conditions.
    • Adhesion | StreetBond™ coatings have excellent adhesion properties and are very resistant to peeling.
    • Environmentally Friendly | StreetBond™ coatings are water-based, so although they contain acrylic polymers and other materials – they do not contain any harsh chemical solvents that harm the environment. Asphalt coated with StreetBond™ is fully recyclable.
  • DuraTherm™

    Designed specifically for high-traffic areas, DuraTherm™ is a decorative asphalt surfacing system that perfectly suits cross walks, roundabouts, safety areas and intersections. DuraTherm™ is incredibly durable ad will maintain its bold look for many years. It is fast and easy to install too, which means very minimal community disruption and maximum benefit.

    DuraTherm™ Key Benefits include:

    • Exceptional Durability | Designed specifically for high-traffic areas, DuraTherm™ will withstand very heavy traffic without damage.
    • Minimal Disruption | With cross-walk installation in less than 90 minutes per lane, there is very little disruption to traffic while installing DuraTherm™.
    • Smooth and Safe Surface | DuraTherm™ produces a smooth finish, which is vibration-free and quiet under traffic, which also makes it the best option for bike lanes and bus lanes.
    • Highly Visible | Bold patterns and colours are ideal for safety-oriented installations, such as children’s or elderly crossings, bike lanes which are used at night or in high-traffic areas and more.
    • Customised | DuraTherm™ designs can be customised to suit nearly any application, including logos, community and safety messages and branding. A wide range of patterns are available in bold or muted colours ensures we’ll have an option to suit your project.

    Installation is easy; using a specialised pavement heater, and then templates to suit your project overlayed and imprinted into the asphalt. Duratherm™ is then inlaid into the imprinted asphalt. Finally, the DuraTherm™ is bonded to the asphalt surface to ensure longevity and a smooth, flush finish.

  • LogoTherm™

    We can create horizontal signage on asphalt and concrete, right in front of your business. Using LogoTherm™ and our specialised laser-cutting machine, we’ll imprint your logo with a safe and durable imprinted coating. Your logo will be skid and slip resistant, as well as visible at night thanks to LogoTherm™’s reflective technology.

It doesn’t stop there, we also provide an incredible range of asphalt and concrete colourants and coatings, textured road coatings, plus landscaping solutions.


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