Insurance Works

Insurance Works

Increase your surfaces’ safety, durability and sustainability with our colourful, environmentally friendly solution for your asphalt or concrete surfaces. As well as selecting the most appropriate flooring, having flooring solutions correctly installed or laid, ongoing maintenance is important, and this may include repairing or replacing the surface.

Our Services Includes

  • Seamless Asphalt Repairs

    Using our infrared asphalt heating machine, we can repair asphalt defects such as:

    • Water ponding and valleys;
    • Boney pavement;
    • Splits and cracking;
    • Damage from vehicles, accidents or debris.

    We heat the asphalt through to retain the oils, which allows us to penetrate deeply without burning the asphalt. Seamless repairs are then made to the asphalt, which are perfect for car parks, roadways, sports courts, and driveways.


    Designed to dramatically reduce wet weather and emergency stopping distances, our HiGrip™ formula consists of a calcinated bauxite aggregate and resin binder. Perfect for sharp bends, black spots, large dual lane roundabouts and steep descents, HiGrip™ meets all the relevant Australian Standards for high friction and anti-skid surfacing, plus it looks good

It doesn’t stop there, we also provide an incredible range of asphalt and concrete colourants and coatings, textured road coatings, plus landscaping solutions.


Multisite Management

Monthly Detailed Report with Photos

Non-disruptive Mobilisation Plan

24/7 Reactive Maintenance Call Out


Other Services

Based in Perth WA, with two extra offices douwnsouth, we provide a large range of specialised services to commercial and residential customers throughout the entire state.


We get the job done safely and to the highest standard, every time.